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Train the Virtual Trainer

Train the Virtual Trainer

Ever more organisations are turning to virtual training to replace or complement classroom based learning. As a result trainers have to ensure they are as proficient teaching online as they are offline.tablet hands 2

Virtual training presents unique opportunities for building interaction, engagement and impact. It also presents unique challenges that trainers need to think about and address.

Our Train the Virtual Trainer programme has been designed to provide you with a model of good practise, a raft of tips and ideas for making your training work for all learning styles, and additional support before you deliver your first session.


Course content

Ahead of the virtual session you will receive a booklet and questionnaire about learning styles. This model informs the structure of the training to follow.

The virtual session itself is a 2 hour programme that explains how you can use virtual training technologies to address the varied learning needs of your delegates. It’s a fully interactive session with a small group of delegates. You can ask questions, comment and participate just as you would in the classroom.

All participants receive a electronic course handbook for future reference.

Also included is a coaching session ahead of – or after – your first ‘live’ virtual training session. Our expert can even sit in on your first session and provide you with expert feedback and advice after it’s over.

The virtual session

The goal for any successful trainer is to ensure that training participants develop and progress in their personal and/or professional lives. This can be a challenge in any situation and becomes even more so in the virtual learning environment.

But if it’s done well a trainer can help individuals and teams not only to learn effectively, but also to implement their learning in the workplace.

The 2 hour virtual session explores the needs of learners and examines how these needs might be met in a virtual learning environment.

Session Outcomes:

By the end of this session you will:

  • Examine four distinct learning styles/preferences of individuals
  • Appreciate the opportunities and challenges posed by each of the styles
  • Identify training activities that exploit each of the learning styles
  • Examine the challenges of exploiting the learning styles in a virtual environment
  • Discover how the virtual platform can be used to adapt to, and exploit, learning styles
  • Gain insight into how to use the tools available in WebEx and other similar platforms
  • Structure a virtual training session to maximise participant development through effective use of technology to maximise participant learning

Who is this course for?

Any trainer seeking to develop the skills to facilitate training sessions virtually.

Course leader

Jacqui Bishop is our Training Director. As one of the first specialist virtual trainers in the UK she has a wealth of experience in delivering training online, building on many years as an internationally successful classroom trainer.

Jacqui is a qualified life coach, MBTI¬ģ and MiRo¬© accredited, as well as certified in adult education and development. As well as training corporate clients around the world¬†she also works as a professor at Boston University.

Relevant software 

There are numerous virtual meeting software packages available, but the training principles described in this course are relevant to all of them.

Our virtual session uses Cisco’s WebEx, but the functionality we use is largely identical in similar platforms such as Adobe Connect or Goto Meeting.

Session times, dates and prices

Open sessions are available as follows:

  • 18 March at 10:00am (UK time) FULLY BOOKED
  • 1 May at 2:00pm (UK time)¬†FULLY BOOKED
  • Next date confirmed soon

Places cost £495+VAT per delegate.


How to book

Places on our open sessions cost £495+VAT. For each place you wish to book please follow these instructions:

Invoice Payment

Please email us to book a place and request an invoice for payment by cheque or BACS.

Credit Card and Paypal Payment

  1. Choose the session date and time from the dropdown list below
  2. Provide the participant’s name and email address below
  3. Make sure you have read and accept our terms and conditions before placing your order
  4. Click on ‘place booking’ to confirm your choice
  5. Payment can then be made by credit/debit card or via paypal
  6. Repeat process for each place you wish to book

Name of delegate:
Email address of delegate:

grey-lineAlso available in-house

The course outlined above is our standard programme and will meet most individuals’ needs. However, if you are looking for a more tailored approach for a group of delegates from your organisation, we can develop a bespoke programme designed especially for in-house delivery.

In-house sessions can be delivered at any time of day to suit the demands of international companies or teams.

Fees vary depending on the amount of adaptation work required and the number of sessions booked. Please contact us with details of your requirements for a quote or to learn more about how virtual training could work for you.