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Remote Working

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Only a few years ago remote working was rare. Teams and departments tended to be based together, with members often sitting just feet apart. Employees of big organisations rarely worked from home.

The advent of the internet, email and mobile technologies has changed all of that. Today it is perfectly possible to do most office based jobs from anywhere there’s internet access. Many people now work regularly from home, and teams can be dispersed across offices around the world.

As a result the skills needed to flourish at work are being transformed.


Meeting the Challenge

In some ways the changes brought about by remote working have been liberating. Less commuting, less distraction and more flexibility suit some roles and personalities. Many people report improved creativity, productivity and job satisfaction as a result.

But the lack of structure and schedule can be bewildering. Personal relationships are vulnerable because of the lack of face-to-face contact and informal communication. Supervision and support are often inadequate.

Libero Learning specialises in helping organisations like yours ensure that remote working is an asset for your business. We work with remote workers and those who manage them to help them develop their productivity and become happier in their roles.

Each 90 minute online session provides a fully interactive training experience with an expert course leader ready to take questions, address specific concerns and help you get to grips with new techniques and ideas.

Because our training is virtual and delivered over the internet, remote workers and dispersed teams can access the same learning experience from wherever they are based.

We offer the following off-the-shelf programmes for remote workers and managers, but also develop bespoke programmes to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Please contact us for more information.

Productive Remote Working Courses

Productive Remote Working

Learn the key skills to be a successful, happy remote worker. From managing your time to maintaining your profile within the company.

Enhancing Virtual Relationships with Social Style

Develop your understanding of how peoples’ differing social styles affects the way they relate to others. Use this knowledge to enhance your relationships at work, with a special focus on the challenges presented by virtual communication.

Staying Connected

Develop the virtual networking skills vital to maintaining and strengthening your professional network without meeting face-to-face.

Managing Remote Workers

This course focuses on building the skills to meet the special challenges of managing a team includes members that work remotely.

The Global Worker

Learn how to overcome cultural barriers when working in an international team by developing your cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Manager, Know Thyself

Learn about your personality type using an MBTI personality assessment. Use this knowledge to understand your personal management style and how to flex it to improve your interactions with others.