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Professional Skills

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Success in today’s demanding workplace takes more than the specialist knowledge of your particular role. You need a host of transferable skills to make the most of your time, resources and relationships. In other words, to make you more¬†productive.

People who are well connected, more efficient, and better at getting their ideas listened to not only make a greater contribution to their organisation’s success, they also do better in their careers.


Meeting the Challenge

Fitting professional development into a busy schedule can be difficult. So Libero Learning has developed a range of facilitated virtual training sessions that can be attended without the need to travel or take significant time out of your working day.

Each 90 minute online session looks at a different professional skill, and provides a fully interactive training experience with an expert course leader ready to take questions, address specific concerns and help you get to grips with new techniques and ideas.

Because our training is virtual and delivered over the internet, remote workers and dispersed teams can access the same learning experience from wherever they are based.

We offer the following off-the-shelf programmes, but also develop bespoke programmes to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Please contact us for more information.

Professional Skills Courses

Time and Priority Management

Learn a tool-kit of techniques to help you make better use of your time, manage competing priorities and multiple projects, and meet your deadlines.

Influencing without Authority

Learn how to influence the opinions and behaviour of others when you do not have authority over them.

Enhancing Relationships through Social Style

Develop your understanding of how peoples’ differing social styles affects the way they relate to others. Use this knowledge to enhance your relationships at work.

Building Business Relationships

This session explains how to develop a network of useful business contacts, and how to gain and maintain trust with key players in your network.

Being Assertive

Learn the differences between assertive and aggressive behaviour, what assertiveness can do for you, and develop a range of techniques to become more assertive at work.

Effective Meetings

This session helps you to develop a range of techniques to make your meetings more efficient and productive.

Resilience at Work

During this session you will learn ways of coping with the demands of the modern 24/7 business culture and avoiding the damaging effects of stress at work.

Manager, Know Thyself

Learn about your personality type using an MBTI personality assessment. Use this knowledge to understand your personal management style and how to flex it to improve your interactions with others.