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The Manager’s Role

The Manager’s Rolemanagement

Managing other people is a significant responsibility that can be a daunting prospect for new managers. From now on they will be judged not only on their own performance, but also on that of their team.

So, what exactly is the manager’s role? what are the key activities and behaviours of good managers? and how does your personal style impact your ability to manager others?

This unique session has been developed to answer these questions, giving new managers a concrete understanding of their key responsibilities and simple advice on how to manage well.


Session Outcomes

By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand the cycle of management and your role within it
  • Identify the tasks and activities that you should be performing now that you are a people manager
  • Recognise the importance or role modelling as well as your impact on your team members
  • Audit your current approach to task and people management
  • Determine how you could make more time to manage
  • Assess your management style
  • Produce an action plan to make a positive impact with your team

Course Format

This is a live training session held online and facilitated by one of our expert consultants for a group of up to 15 delegates.

Using a web based interface freely available to anyone with access to the internet, delegates are able to see, hear and interact with the trainer and other participants.The programme combines elements of teaching, discussion and practical sessions.

Delegates receive an electronic course manual for reference after the programme ends.

Session Length

90 minutes.

Adapted to your needs

The course outlined above is our standard programme and will meet most delegates’ needs. However, if you are looking for a more tailored approach, we can adapt the content or style to suit the particular needs of your organisation, sector or delegates’s backgrounds.

Courses can be delivered at any time of day to suit the needs of international companies or teams.


Our delivery fees vary depending on the amount of adaptation work required and the number of sessions booked. Please contact us with details of your requirements for a quote.

Next Step

If you are interested in this course please contact us to discuss your requirements or to learn more about how virtual training could work for you.