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Managing Gen Y

Managing Generation Ymanagement

‚ÄėGeneration Y‚Äô is the name given to people born after 1980.This group represent a¬†growing part of the workforce, and brings new challenges and opportunities for¬†organisations¬†and managers.

Studies show Gen Y workers are typically more individualistic, materialistic and less community minded than their predecessors. They value personal expression, are comfortable multi-taskers and are tech-savvy.

Managers need to know how to adapt their approach to make the most of generation Y’s strengths, whilst maintaining discipline, motivation and group goals. This session lifts the lid on the mindset of Gen Y, and helps managers adapt to the challenges this generational shift represents.


Session purpose

This session helps participants to understand common differences in attitudes and preferences that mark out generation-Y workers from their predecessors, and what this means for those who manage them.

Participants will learn how to flex their approach to management in order to account for these generational differences, enabling them to reduce resistance, improve motivation and make the most of the unique strengths of generation Y.

Session outcomes

During this fully interactive virtual session you will learn to:

  • Understand who Gen Y are and the management challenges you may face
  • Appreciate the differences between Gen Y and other workplace generations
  • Discover Gen Y working approaches that benefit you, your team and the organisation
  • Identify the difficulties Gen Y face in the workplace
  • Appreciate your role in managing and motivating Gen Y team members
  • Develop strategies to get the best out of Gen Y team members

Course format

This is a live training session held online and facilitated by one of our expert consultants for a group of up to 15 delegates.

Using a web based interface freely available to anyone with access to the internet, delegates are able to see, hear and interact with the trainer and other participants.The programme combines elements of teaching, discussion and practical sessions.

Delegates receive an electronic course manual for reference after the programme ends.

Who is this course for?

Managers who lead teams that include members of ‘generation y’ – people born after 1980.

Session length

90 minutes.

Session times and dates

Open sessions are available as follows:

  • 28th April at 2:00pm (UK time) SOLD OUT
  • 17th June at 2:00pm (UK time) CLOSED


How to book

Click on the button below to book a place.

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Also available in-house

The course outlined above is our standard programme and will meet most individuals’ needs. However, if you are looking for a more tailored approach for a group of delegates from your organisation, we can develop a bespoke programme designed especially for in-house delivery.

In-house sessions can be delivered at any time of day to suit the demands of international companies or teams.

Fees vary depending on the amount of adaptation work required and the number of sessions booked. Please contact us with details of your requirements for a quote or to learn more about how virtual training could work for you.