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Manager, Know Thyself

Manager, Know Thyselfmanagement

Self-awareness is one of the most important attributes of successful people managers. Understanding how your personality and communication style affects those you work with is vital to getting  the best from them Рand from yourself.

This unique double session provides managers with a deep insight into their personality type and behavioural preferences. It helps them to develop a management style that makes the most of their key strengths and preferences. It also helps them understand why they will need to flex their approach to get the most out of different team members.

We use of an MBTI personality assessment tool, providing each participant with a full written report after the course for future reference.


Session Purpose

This double session offers managers a chance to understand more about themselves, about how they are perceived by others, and about the dynamics of their relationships at work.

Through the objectivity of a personality questionnaire (the results of which remain confidential) those attending can gain important insights into how their behaviour affects those around them, and learn more about their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Session Outcomes

By the end of session 1 you will:

  • Gain knowledge of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Appreciate that we are individuals with unique preferences
  • Have performed a self-assessment to gain better understanding of your preferences
  • Know your preference type ‚Äď in other words, your natural personality type ‚Äď and how this knowledge will be helpful to you in the workplace
  • Receive a full, confidential, detailed report on your personality type including detail on your working style, leadership style, and communication style, as well as suggestions to enhance your interactions with your team members

By the end of session 2 you will:

  • Have had an opportunity to ask questions about, and to clarify, the information contained within your report
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the preferences of your team members, your natural similarities and differences
  • Develop strategies to better manage and lead individuals within your team
  • Be able to approach your management role in a way that best suits your style, but still enables you to adapt to the different personalities within your team
  • Be able to better engage and motivate team members to enhance performance and achieve a positive working environment

Course Format

This programme is run over two 90 minute sessions.

In order to ensure optimum interaction and personal attention, this programme has a maximum of 8 participants per session.

Using a web based interface freely available to anyone with access to the internet, participants are able to see, hear and interact with our expert coach and other delegates.

Before the First Session
You will be given the opportunity to respond to a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire prior to the first session of this training programme. This questionnaire is completed online and the findings will be sent directly to Libero Learning. Our expert coach will share your findings with you during the first session. All findings are confidential, so only you will see your results.

Who is this course for?

Any manager interested in deepening their self-awareness.

Session length

2 x 90 minutes sessions plus opportunities for open discussion.

Session times, dates and prices

Open sessions are available as follows:

  • TBC (in-house sessions available, please see below for details)

Places cost £195+VAT per delegate.


How to book

Places on our open sessions cost £195+VAT. For each place you wish to book please follow these instructions:

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  5. Payment can then be made by credit/debit card or via paypal

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No open sessions available at present. Please read on for details of in-house delivery.

grey-lineAlso available in-house

The course outlined above is our standard programme and will meet most individuals’ needs. However, if you are looking for a more tailored approach for a group of delegates from your organisation, we can develop a bespoke programme designed especially for in-house delivery.

In-house sessions can be delivered at any time of day to suit the demands of international companies or teams.

Fees vary depending on the amount of adaptation work required and the number of sessions booked. Please contact us with details of your requirements for a quote or to learn more about how virtual training could work for you.