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Management Skills

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Good managers are the basis of any organisation’s success. They harness the talents of others to specific business goals and maximise productivity whilst retaining good-will and a happy atmosphere.

It’s true that leadership comes naturally to some people. But management skills need to be learnt. It’s vital that all managers are given the opportunity to develop first-class management techniques if they are to flourish in their roles – and help others to flourish too.


Meeting the Challenge

With ever increasing time and financial pressures, taking time out to learn best practice management skills is often hard to do.

That’s why Libero Learning has developed a range of facilitated virtual training sessions that can be attended without the need to travel or take significant time out of your working day.

Each 90 minute online session focuses on a specific area of management, offering a fully interactive training experience with an expert course leader who is ready to take questions, address specific concerns and help you get to grips with new techniques and ideas.

Because our training is virtual and delivered over the internet, remote workers and dispersed teams can access the same learning experience from wherever they are based.

We offer the following off-the-shelf programmes, but also develop bespoke programmes to meet the specific needs of your organisation, including multi-module management programmes spread over weeks or months. Please contact us for more information.

Productive Management Training

The Manager’s Role

Learn the key responsibilities and activities of good managers. Understand how your personal style affects how you manage others.

Giving Feedback

Develop the skills to provide your team with constructive feedback that helps them improve their work performance without causing tensions and conflict.

Objective Setting

Learn how to devise motivational objectives for your team. You’ll learn how objectives can improve performance, how to track progress and reward success.

High Performance Teams

Understand the stages of team development and how to improve your team’s performance through a set of practical management techniques.

Motivating your Team

Learn how to identify the right motivators for your team members, and how to develop motivational targets that enhance performance.

Influencing Others

Learn techniques to help you persuade others, and how to use influencing strategically, focusing your energies on influential people.

Managing Generation Y

‘Generation Y’ is the name given to people born after 1980. Managing Generation Y workers presents many new challenges. This course helps managers adapt to their needs and expectations.

Manager, Know Thyself

Learn about your personality type using an MBTI personality assessment. Use this knowledge to understand your personal management style and how to flex it to improve your interactions with others.

Modular Management Programmes

By combining a number of sessions looking at different elements of management we can build you a bespoke modular management programme that can be delivered in bite-sized chunks over days, weeks or months.