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Bespoke Training

Virtual Productivity Training Tailored to your Organisationman using vt 2

Working with you, we can design productivity training designed to match the specific needs, priorities and culture of your organisation.

Because our training is delivered online, your courses will provide every employee, no matter where they are based in the world, with access to the same information, the same trainers, and the same opportunities to learn and grow.

We can also lift your administrative burden by providing a fully managed service, with an online portal that allows participants to make their own bookings at a time that fits their work schedule.


Experienced, Highly Qualified Training Designers

Our courses are designed and developed by a small team of highly experienced workplace productivity experts. All have extensive senior business experience, at least ten years track-record as a practising trainer, and hold Masters level qualifications in education.

All of our consultants are experienced virtual trainers, and have expert knowledge of the unique opportunities offered by the online learning environment.

Single Session Programmes

We can work with you to develop courses based on any of the subjects covered on this website, or can design a completely new programme just for your organisation. Each session can be flexed to take into account the backgrounds and experience levels of the participants.

Below is a sample list of some of the course topics we cover. Many more courses together with programme outlines can be found via the courses menu above.

For a full list of courses please click here.

Multi-Module Programmes

For more comprehensive training programmes, a modular approach allows multiple subjects to be covered over several weeks, with the modules integrating into a comprehensive training scheme.

Below is an example of a modular management programme:

  1. The Manager’s Role (1 x 90 minute module)
  2. Manager, Know Thyself (2 x 90 minute modules)
  3. Motivating the Team (1 x 90 minute module)
  4. Objective Setting (1 x 90 minute module)
  5. Developing the Team (1 x 90 minute module)
  6. Time and Priority Management (1 x 90 minute module)
  7. Effective Meetings (1 x 90 minute module)
  8. Post-course Progress Meeting (2 x 90 minute structured discussions)

You can read more about multi-module programmes by clicking here.


Managed Booking Service

We can provide a fully automated sign-up service for participants from your organisation via a dedicated webpage and booking portal. This allows attendees to select from the sessions you have booked with us to ensure they can participate at a time that suits them.

Not only is this more convenient for participants, it also means a huge reduction in admin for your HR team. All you need to do is keep an eye on bookings via our regular reports.

This service can be provided at minimal cost for larger bookings involving multiple sessions. For more information please contact us with an idea of your requirements.


Virtual training offers the chance for big savings of traditional classroom learning. Not only are the sessions significantly less expensive to run, but there are no travel costs and you don’t need to book a venue.

Development work is priced on an individual basis, and fees depend on the size and complexity of the programme.

For a full (no obligation) quote, please contact us with details of your requirements.

Find Out More

If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk to one of our consultants, please get in touch.