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Libero’s courses focus on productivity at work and are split across three areas:

Management, Professional Skills and Remote Working

We offer a range of ‘off-the-peg’ courses (listed below), but also develop original courses looking at any topic around productivity that’s important to you.

Sessions are typically about 90 minutes long. Our global network of trainers means they can be delivered at any time of day.


Multiple Session Programmes

All of the sessions outlined lower down this page are stand alone programmes, but we can integrate several sessions into more comprehensive programmes, delivered over several days or weeks. Multi-session programmes like this can cover a wide range of management and personal development topics – not just the ones listed here.

That means that virtual training can offer the depth and breadth of traditional multi-day courses without interfering with work schedules. Sessions can be attended before the start of the working day, at lunchtime – even at weekends.

For more details of multi-session programmes please click here.

Stand Alone Sessions

Management Training

The Manager’s Role

Giving Feedback

Objective Setting

High Performance Teams

Motivating the Team

Influencing Others

Managing Generation Y

Manager, Know Thyself

Professional Skills Training

Time and Priority Management

Influencing without Authority

Enhancing Relationships through Social Style

Building Business Relationships

Being Assertive

Effective Meetings

Resilience at Work

Remote Working Skills Training

Productive Remote Working

Enhancing Virtual Relationships through Social Style

Staying Connected

Managing Remote Workers

The Global Worker

Train the Virtual Trainer