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Stress: The truth that dare not speak its name

Recent research discussed in an article by the CIPD lends more weight to concerns over stress in the workplace, reporting that UK workers spend a third of their time at work feeling stressed (84 days out of the average 240 day working year).

What does this mean for our productivity and well-being? Well, the same survey (from Star Consultancy) found that two-thirds of the workers they contacted believed that on stressful days they had reduced motivation, productivity, and self-confidence.

Unfortunately, despite the high number of people feeling the effects of stress at work, only 6% of respondents had let their managers know how they were feeling. Most prefer to suffer in silence.

Bottling up stress not only prevents sufferers from getting access to support, training and resources that could help alleviate the symptoms, it also means that managers find it harder to recognise and eliminate the causes of damaging stress on their teams.

You can read more about the report here.

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