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Libero: Online Training Comes Alive

What’s so great about virtual training?Libero Online Training Comes Alive

One thing we have found a challenge when trying to promote virtual training is helping people to understand exactly why virtual training is different from other forms of e-learning.

Often we can spend a lot of time explaining the benefits and how a typical session works, but it’s only when someone participates in one that the penny drops. First timers often report their surprise at finding our sessions are ‘just like a classroom training course!’ – i.e. they’re participative, lively and engaging – not simply an hour and a half passively absorbing a lifeless presentation. Virtual training is light-years away from most online learning tools that rely on the learner to provide their own motivation (and often, a lot of stamina) to keep focused and engaged as they are spoon-fed with dry, lifeless material.

So, what is the difference between Libero’s virtual training and other forms of e-learning such as webinars or distance learning courses?

Essentially it’s all about human interaction. With Libero, online training comes alive. Virtual training is facilitated live by an experienced trainer working with a small group of participants (no more than 12 per session). That means everyone gets a chance to have their say and put their own point-of-view to the trainer and the group. It means that the session focuses on the real issues faced by the participants, not on dry, impersonal theory.

Using a mixture of dynamic presentations, virtual whiteboards, pop surveys, group discussions and group exercises the facilitator provides a rich and varied learning experience that can flex to the needs of the group and the flow of each session.

As a result, being a virtual trainer is a role that requires a unique set of skills, knowledge and attributes. The success of every session depends on the facilitator’s expertise in helping participants to engage with the technology and each other. We’ve spent a great deal of time and effort selecting only trainers who combine first class credentials in terms of experience, subject knowledge and qualifications with the ability to engage and motivate participants over the internet. This latter attribute has proved the biggest challenge, with many excellent classroom trainers struggling to maintain the energy and enthusiasm needed to keep participants engaged and focused without direct in-person contact. However, we have managed to bring together a small team of exceptional trainers who have the right mix of abilities to make virtual training the richest, most engaging form of e-learning available.

All of our courses have been designed by highly qualified education specialists, and have been developed specifically for the medium of virtual training. That means that each session plays to the unique strengths of virtual training, and transmits ideas and knowledge in ways that are easiest to digest in that environment. We also provide a comprehensive session manual for each participant to refer to after the course.

Perhaps in the end the only way to truly appreciate the benefits of virtual training is to try it for yourself. Libero online training courses cover a wide range of business topics, and are available both as open courses and in-house programmes. If you have any questions about Libero or virtual training in general please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Libero Online Training Comes Alive: April 2014