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About Us


Libero Learning specialises in workplace productivity training. We offer a wide range of courses that help workers use their time, resources and relationships more efficiently, allowing them to become more productive, successful and happy in their jobs.

Our courses are delivered as virtual training. That’s real training facilitated by live trainers and delivered over the internet (FIND OUT MORE). By taking advantage of flexible new web technologies we’re able to offer high impact, interactive training to delegates anywhere in the world.

We help companies with dispersed workforces offer consistent, quality training to their employees, helping colleagues learn and grow together.


Background and Experience

Libero Learning is made up of a group of seasoned learning and development practitioners with decades of experience delivering training programmes for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

We came together under the Libero banner to pool knowledge, skills and resources in order to create one of the first truly specialist virtual training agencies.

This focus has allowed us to develop sector leading expertise in how to design and deliver high impact, transformative training through the medium of the internet.

Company Details

Libero Learning Limited is based in the world famous university town of Cambridge, UK. You can contact us via any of the following:


+44 (0)1954 267 541


Head Office:

6 Elsworth Road
CB23 4LX
United Kingdom